Riding the Storm – Help and advice for parents of teenagers

Is your teenager driving you nuts?

Are you always arguing with your teenager(s) and don’t know how to stop? Do they do things you just don’t understand? Do you find that you’re unable to talk anymore?

Our workshop will help you understand what is going on with your teenager(s) and take steps that will help you and them.

Riding the Storm will help you:

  • Understand the pressures of being a teenager today
  • Develop good parent habits and break any bad ones
  • Manage the arguments at home
  • Set sensible boundaries
  • Re-build your relationship with your teenager(s)
  • Learn about the drugs your teenager(s) may come into contact with

This is a two-part workshop for parents of teenagers wanting to build a positive relationship with their teenage child. As well as offering strategies, exercises and background knowledge, there is ample opportunity to discuss issues that arise for parents of teenagers and the chance to talk to others with similar experiences.

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