Frequently Asked Questions

When would I come to Relate?

There are many reasons why people come to us. We help people who have come across issues in their personal relationships and want help to sort things out.

What happens during counselling?

Firstly you meet with a counsellor who explores with you what you want to achieve or change in your relationship. You then have regular sessions with a counsellor to talk about what is affecting your relationship and to agree the best way forward.

How long will it take?

Every situation is different. We deal with your situation individually and the length of time counselling takes is tailored to you. Sessions are usually weekly.

Who goes to Relate?

We see people individually or in couples. People who come for relationship counselling can be single, a couple, part of a same sex relationship, young or old.

Is there a charge?

In most cases, Relate make a charge for its services but does not aim to make a profit.