Relationship Counselling

What we offer

We provide a confidential counselling service offered by professionally trained relationship counsellors to people with relational problems or difficulties.

If you want to access the service you may come on your own. If you want to attend with your partner then for the service to have the best chance of success, you should both want to engage with the counsellor to move forward and resolve the problem(s).

It’s also worth noting that you do not have to be in a relationship to use the service, for example you may wish to make sense of your emotions following the breakdown of a relationship.

The initial session with your counsellor is a fact finding exercise and an opportunity for you to explain why you have come to Relate and what you want to get out of the counselling. The counsellor will work with you to explain how progress can be made through the counselling process. After this initial session it is then for you to decide whether you would like to undertake ongoing counselling with us.

Who we offer the service to

We are an inclusive agency and clients can be seen individually, as a couple, married or not, heterosexual or gay.

If you would like more information on our Relationship Counselling service please telephone 0121 643 1638 or fill in the form on our Contact Us page.